Our Mission

A Barista in Every Home

As we spend more time working from home and traveling less, the way we consume coffee has noticeably changed. As our working life adapts to virtual meetings and home desk set ups, so should our home coffee drinking. Instant coffee is unacceptable. Drinking coffee in the comfort of your own home should be just as good, if not better than your local coffee shop.


With step by step guides and a wealth of coffee knowledge by our in-house SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) Certified Barista Trainer, our Mission, 'a Barista in Every Home'. Wether you want to replicate your favourite coffee shop drinks or experiment and learn new coffee brewing methods, Coffeestry is here to start your coffee brewing journey.


Brewing coffee at home can be fun and give you the flexibility to brew unbelievably tasting cups.

"our mission is to make coffee at home as good, if not better than a coffee shop. A barista in every home"

- Jamal (Co-founder)

Our Core Values

Roast to Order Seasonal Speciality Coffee

  • We specialise only in seasonal, speciality coffee from a single-known geographic region (Single Origin), no blends. Being single origin, our coffees maintain their unique characteristic and flavour profiles compared to blended coffees from multiple origins.


  • We don’t stockpile masses of coffee, all our coffee is roasted to order and delivered within 3 working days, ensuring the maximum freshness and quality of the beans delivered to your door.
  • The farmers we source from have put their heart and soul into their coffee harvest and its our duty to ensure we respect their efforts by roasting with the same love and ensuring you have an amazing cup of coffee. What we call your 'coffeestry moment'.

Sustainability & Traceability

  • We work direct to farm using speciality coffee importers, who have established relationships ensuring farmers are paid above industry minimum. This allows us access to some of the most interesting speciality coffees from around the world, grown in regions with specific climates and altitudes and farmed sustainably by expert growers in small plantations
  • As we continue supporting producers who follow ethical and sustainable practices, farmers can continue to provide a high quality crop year after year and expect a fair price for it. A true win-win.
  • So customers know exactly where their coffee comes from.

"what makes me happy is when people rediscover coffee, when they taste the real flavours the beans offer"

- Tom (Co-founder)

Environmental Mission

  • Due to the nature of the product and the regions we source our coffee from, the future of our business will be affected by climate change. According to a recent study by Climatic Change, around 50% of the land around the world currently used to produce high-quality coffee could be unproductive by 2050.

    Coffeestry has pledged to plant a tree for every bag of coffee sold. Coffeestry will donate to the Eden Reforestation Project for every order made on the site. So you get to enjoy great coffee knowing you've planted a tree in the fight against climate change. 
    We also ship out our coffee in home compostable shipping mailers, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Please recycle our coffee bags while we work on our 2021 pledge, to make all our coffee bags fully compostable.

Feel good about the coffee you buy.

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